Gianazza Angelo S.p.a.

Stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione Stampi


Gianazza Angelo S.p.A has a plastic material moulding unit of 7.300 squaremeters  with  a modern machine store of 24 moulding presses with horizontal injection with a clamping  from 200 tons to 3000 tons, able to produce very small items of few grams to items of big dimensions of 32 kgs.
The most part of the presses is equipped with:

  • mechanical hands to lift and  possibly stack
  • conveyor belts to handle and work on the items
  • modern automation systems and all necessary device for thermoregulation, drying and dehumidification of the thermoplastric compounds

The moulding is done with the traditional method, by injection, and with the more modern technology of air moulding (GAIM) and with different types of row material (PE-HD, PS, ABS, PA).
Moreover the production unit offers tecnical and logistic assistence for the study of particular and dedicated packagings, for the personalization of the items by hot printing, tampographic printing. laser printing  and for assembling.
In 1998 seriousness and reliability brought Gianazza Angelo S.p.A the ISO 9001:2008  Certification; so all working  processes are constantly inspected in order to guarantee their technical, mechanical and dimensional requisites.

Gianazza Angelo S.p.a. - Via E. Pagani, 138 - 20025 Legnano (MI) Italy - tel 0331 42.63.11 - fax 0331 57.95.15 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.IVA/C.F. 03926400155 – Capitale Sociale € 1.032.000,00 – Iscr. CCIAA 979213

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