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Stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione Stampi

Second life certification

Another main step bound to the raw materials employed for the production was the achievement of the certification Plastica Seconda Vita granted by IPPR (Istituto Italiano Plastiche Riciclo). The brand “Plastica Seconda Vita"; is a tool created by IPPR to certify products which are guaranteed to be identifiable, traceable and to have a percentage of recycled plastic materials coming from waste for the production of manufactured products or their components as per the government directives of the Green Public Procurement.
Gianazza Angelo S.p.A is among the first Italian companies to have achieved that certification for some of their products, as for instance:

  • SALVAPRATO AND SALVAGHIAIA – grids for the construction of parking sites with lawn or gravel (for the parking sites for municipalities, schools, hospitals, governmental authorities, airports etc.)
  • QUADRA – modular plastic tiles for in-door and out-door(as cover for flat roofs,for events and parties, playing areas)
  • VESPE’ – plastic formwork for ground floor loose stone foundations(for all type of building)
  • GREEN ROOF – modular elements for the construction of roof-gardens
  • PALLET – the perfect solution for the transport and storage of your goods.

All these products are environmentally sustainable, produced with recycled and recyclable plastic material coming from waste and allow public authorities to reach the targets prescribed by Green Public Procurement.
When speaking about GPP (Green Public Procurement) the European Community defined it as:
“.... the approach by which Public Administrations integrate environmental factors when procuring goods, encouraging the diffusion of environmental technologies and the development of environmentally sustainable products when searching and choosing results and solutions with the smallest impact on the environment in their whole life cycle.”.
It is an instrument of voluntary environmental policy which aims to promote the development of a market of products and services with a reduced impact on the environment appealing to the Public Demand. Public Authorities adopting GPP work to rationalize procurements and consumption and to improve the environmental quality of their procurements and services asked. (to see the handbook of the European Commission Buying Green!.
The “environmentally more desirable products” are for example those more energy-efficient, built with recycled and/or non-toxic material, with a long life cycle or with a production output with a smaller impact on the environment, the less bulky, the easier to recycle… It is clear that the turn of the public requirement to products with these qualities allows a saving of energy, particularly the oil-derived, the parallel reduction of climate changing emissions, the reduction of the produced waste and the impact on the natural resources.
The efficiency of the  GPP in fostering the conditions to favor the diffusion  of a sustainable production and consumption model is visible also on account of the great acknowledgement awarded to GPP inside the community and internationally as an instrument of environmental, industrial and economic policy.
The recent communication CWM (2008) 400 of June, 16 2008 is worth to be mentioned, as integrating part of the European action plan  for sustainable consumption and production and for the sustainable industrial policy (SCP/SIP), as it gave even more impulse for the diffusion of the GPP, proposing as political target, to reach within 2010, 50 % of the tenders to be “green”. Gianazza’s products help the Administrations to reach that environmentally correct goals fully maintaining the best technical qualities of the products.

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