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Stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione Stampi


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light and practical Trestle light and easily lifted. It is very practical and easy to use. Washed and sterilized. It is 'very versatile because it provides the use of the bag collecting garbage, which is fixed by the ring stop-sack

Hygiene Ready for the opening of the lid with pedal. The footswitch allows you to not use your hands to open the lid, making it comfortable and hygienic.
Customizable. Customizable. Possibility to insert written or special marks.
Stackable Stackable, takes up little space in height. It is easily stackable with the lid attached.
Ecological Ecological, made in 100% recyclable PP and recyclable.
Rugged and resistantTrugged and resistant for frequent use and handling. It can be kept indoor or outdoor.
Ecological Ecolina is a highly qualified dustbin, expressly studied for sorted waste. It is made in 100% recyclable PP.
Practical and easyEcolina has a grip on its base for easy emptying. It has also particular lowered hinges to fix the bags along the on purpose lowered edges.
Unique. Once you have turned the handle to the front Ecolina remains closed and cannot be opened by domestic animals.

Verde Grigio

Customizable on demand
to identify trash.
Coloured lits available

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