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The pratical solution for domestical composting
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Robust and resistant Robust, resistant and compact composter Gianazza can be positioned in every garden.

Ecological Transform organic waste into humus for the garden considerably reducing the municipal collection
Avoid unpleasant smells. The presence of holes, cracks and side slits, facilitate and optimize the internal circulation of air.
Convenient to carry. Both versions in kit than in one piece, the composter Gianazza are easily transportable with minimal clutter.
Functional and practical. Thanks to the user manual enclosed in each kit, home composting becomes practicable by anyone

Kompost Easy lt 400

Kompost Easy 400 litres is a composter kit made of recycled Polypropilene PP and recyclable. It is composed by a wide hinged cover and 4 walls that show large openings that provide a homogeneous air circulation to accelerate the composting process and to prevent smells emitting from anaerobic transfor- mation. In order to extract the compost, in the bottom it pres- ents 4 wide openings closed with flaps that can be used as rakes to pick up grass and leaves. Kompost Easy is suitable for domestic composting of a family of 3-6 persons and with a garden of middle dimensions

Ottogreen lt 600 - 800

Ottogreen 600-800 is a composter kit made of recycled Polypropilene PP and recyclable in a octago- nal shape. Available base extension 600 lt. or exten- sion 200 lt . to reach a total of 800 lt. The modular structure and the practical angular hinges allow an easy assembling without any tools or small items and furthermore, being in assembling kit-version is easy to carry minimizing the spaces.In the bottom there’s a wide opening for the compost extraction, while in the upper there’s a wide lid to be opened in halves. Walls are with holes for an optimal air circulation. Suitable for domestic composting for a garden of big dimensions.

Activator Aeraor Activator Aerator Grid and cone
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