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Stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione Stampi

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Rugged Salvaprato and Salvaghiaia Strong, weighs more than 9kg/mq. and the thickness of the supporting surface is 5 mm, ensuring a capacity’s support of over 500 tonns/sqm.
Invisible After the growth of the rooted lawn the cellular grass paving system vanishes from sight. Thanks to the more than 92% of grassy surface, salvaprato guarantees a green cover better than cement grass grid pavings.
Drainage The surface has a high drainage capacity and the vehicular traffic is possible in all atmospheric conditions.
Ecologic The plastic material is 100% recyclable at the end of its use and unassailable from atmospheric agents and it doesn’t pollute the environment. You can make green areas where you normally would’nt set one ( car parks, bicycle paths, pedestrian zones) and you can keep green areas where you don’t want cement and asphalt.
Certified and field-tested Breaking tests in laboratory guarantee high technical features.
No dispersions Thanks to the structure of Salvaghiaia you can make a pavement of gravel which can be used by all vehicles without any scattering and irregular surface.
Saving laying time With Salvaprato Magnum you can lay large surfaces in a short time.
High versatily Salvaprato - Salvaghiaia can be cut and adapted to different kind of needs. You can use Salvaprato - Salvaghiaia for areas surrounding trees.

Rugged, no slip, invisible, ideal for all kinds of surface, included slopes. It doesn’t need and care and it is cheaper than cement grass grid.

s the heaviest in its class - above 9 Kg/m2

Green residential areas car parks, driveways, pedestrian zones, green hanging, suburbs
Driveways bycicle paths, private roads, cart tracks
Stopping area parking spaces for industrial and residential areas or for campers and caravans, etc.
Works of great enviromental impact securing slopes near main roads and motorways, antierosion protection in urban and extra-urban center.
Parking Area landing zone for helicopters, parking-sites for turistic zones.
Other applications pedestrian paths in green areas, exhibition booths.

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