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Stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione Stampi


Modular airy floor for indoors and outdoors  
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Heavy duty Special resin polymers are used to make a strong long lasting tile. The tiles are also mold resistant.
Easy to transport Quadra is easy to transport, easy to assemble, and easy to disassemble.
Good looking Certain colors avable fit into many different environments.
Tested and certified For quality and durability.

Anti-Slip Top Using Quadra gives an anti-slip footing surface made possiple because of a technoporous design. This makes Quadra adaptable for many uses.

More Versatility Quadra can be used on many surfaces to give a uniform characteristic. Quadra is also available with optional rubber for use on very smooth surfaces.
Time Savings Quadra is easy to assemble due to a side locking system that allows one person to quickly lay down a large surface.
Ecological The materials used in Quadra are both reusable and recyclable.

Tuscan Terracotta
Grey Stone
Green lawn
Bianco marble

Quadra "Solid" is versatile and adaptable to many applications. The solid version can be used as a patio, a dance floor, or for use in a garden or on top of a gravel surface.

Quadra "Whith Holes" is ideal for use near pools, showers, camping and wherever an anti-slip stay-dry surface is required. Quadra whith holes is also ideal for use in commercial applications such as in a wet environment.

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