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Stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione Stampi


Plastic modular formwork for columns in reiforced concrete
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Modular construction Thanks to the different dimensions of the panels it is possibile to build quite high square and rectangular columns without any cutting or adjustments.
Saving time Assembling PILASTERR is made very easy and quick by self-centering joints and screw stays which guarantee a perfect tightening.
Saving money Once cleaned properly you can reuse PILASTERR many times in order to cut costs.
Easy to be transported Thanks to the small dimensions of the moduls and its weight it can be transported without a crane. After usage it can be disassembled and stored away even in damp places.
Excellent finishThe extremely smooth finish of PILASTERR makes it possible to get quarry face columns which do not need other operations nor any means to be detached. PILASTERR does not deteriorate and can be used many times.
Finished edgesPILASTERR gives you columns with smooth edges so that there is no need at all of further intervention when reeinforcing nor when dismantling.
Certificated and field-testedMaterial testing laboratories guarantee strength against a maximal working pressure of 9 N m².
PatentedPILASTERR is Patented.

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